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Little House Woodcarving

Ed Wilcox, Nebraska

 Little House Woodcarving

“Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the vise.  I makes positioning and changing positions so much easier.   I like it so much I'm going to order one for my son-in-law.   Here's a pic of a little guy I just finished using the vise.”

Fred Morris,
Delmar, NY

Little House Woodcarving

“The vise arrived a few minutes ago.  What a brute!  That is a serious piece of steel.  I took it out to the shop and clamped it to the bench.  It is solid as a rock.  I can hardly wait to put it to use.”

Steve Rogers, Santa Barbara, CA

Hey Nancy.  Well done with the vise, it's a lovely piece if engineering. Even in the position shown it is solid, really nice.  Thank you very much and I'll show you the finished piece when done.

Frank Hogan,

 Little House Woodcarving

A friend carved this large goose for a great granddaughter.  I was asked to paint the finished carving.  The Eli vise worked so well for painting a large cumbersome piece because I could situate it in various positions to get everywhere on the goose.  I was using acrylic paints.   I needed to be able to move quickly to get smooth even coats of the base color.  I was really impressed with the maneuverability and ease of use.   I think the finished product speaks for itself.

Carol Stewart, Umpqua Carvers,
Sutherlin, Oregon

 Little House Woodcarving

Little House Woodcarving
 Little House Woodcarving

I carve most everything.  I have done life size sculptures down to single feathers.   I'm wanting to do more sculptures and the Eli vise is perfect for that.  I have gotten the chance to spend sometime carving the dragon head on the vise. Love it

Joel Johnson  Kansas City, Kansas

Just wanted to let you know the Eli Vise works great on carving the outside of bowls.   The bowl is mounted on the lathe faceplate which has a thread of 1"in diameter with 8 teeth per inch (TPI).  This can then be screwed to the Eli Vise modified adaptor without having to unscrew it from the lathe face plate and having to then screw it to the vise faceplate and then screw it back on the lathe faceplate.  Saves a lot of time.  Makes it a lot easier to turn the outside of the bowl on the lathe and then mount it on the vise for carving.  Then back on the lathe for sanding.  The bowl is then removed from the faceplate and mounted on a chuck on the lathe for hollowing the inside.

Good Luck , Joe Stack, Las Vagas, NV.

Little House Woodcarving
 Little House Woodcarving
Little House Woodcarving
 Little House Woodcarving

“The vise arrived today.   It is built like a tank!  It will be solid for the biggest of projects.”

Peter Barnett, Hillsburrow, OR

Little House Woodcarving

“Here's your vise in use.  I'm not sure even now, if I have it set up right, but I like it. Thanks.”

Gene Everett, Illinois

 Little House Woodcarving

“Received my vise this morning and I must say that I am very happy with it.  Thank you for the great vise!”

Jordon Hargrove, Ontario, Canada

“I have been using one of these vices for about four years.  I first saw it on Nancy Eli's web site and could see all the different angles that it would rotate into, I have also mounted it vertically which extends its usefulness.  Mine was the first to be imported into the UK and I have never needed any other type of vise.  Thank you Nancy and hope you are keeping well. ”

Eric Breese, Bradford, UK

“I heard about the Eli vise from my friend and teacher Grant Tomlinson, one of the finest luthiers in the world.  He recommends the Eli vise to his students of lute making and has it on his list of high quality tools to get.  I'm very much looking forward to making beautiful lutes with the help of the Eli vise.”

“You'll be pleased to know that everyone at the David Van Edwards Lute Making Course at Gamut Music in Minnesota loved using your vise. David, our instructor, called it "lovely and solid." Many of my classmates expressed an interest in having one of your vises, so I promptly gave them the order info. I myself wish to order two more in due course (when the coffers fill again).”

Dr. Christopher Morrongiello, Old Bethpage, NY

Little House Woodcarving Little House Woodcarving

“I love the vise!  It is a great design.  I am happy to hear that you will be “making chips” again.  It is tough to not do what you love.  I have always practiced some form of visual art but since I discovered wood carving a few years ago, I have finally found my artistic passion.  I have been trying all forms from low relief to high relief, pierced carving and in the round. I am trying to find a good combination of function and art in order to try and make a living doing this.  I have an Etsy shop and a photo website, if you would like to take a look.  I have been truly happy with the vise, and would recommend it highly. I intend to build a better carving bench to incorporate the vise and utilize its full range. I will let you know when this happens.”

Jessica Villar, Torrington, Connecticut

“Some time ago I bought an Eli vise from you for use with my gunstock checkering cradle.  One of the better investments I ever made.  Allows me complete freedom in every axis.   I finally got up to date and bought a digital camera.  Though I would send you a couple of pictures of my rig. ”

Robert K. McNeill, Powell, WY

Little House Woodcarving Eli ViseLittle House Woodcarving Eli Vise

“I've only been carving for about six months, but I've been making furniture and doing serious woodworking since I was seventeen.  Hmmm ... that makes it thirty-nine years now.  Oddly enough, I started out my life woodworking adventures by buying a shiny set of Henry Taylor gouges and setting up a space for carving in my mother's garage.  I sought an apprenticeship, but in the early 70s it was impossible to find a master carver who was willing to take on a female teenage apprentice.  Times have surely changed, and I've come full circle. I think having an intimate knowledge of wood and having acanthus leaves dancing in my head all these years has made the transition easier.”

“Right now I'm making a long, low-setting table.  The customer envisioned carved tree trunks with branches supporting the top.  It's a fung shui kind of thing. I've roughed out the first trunk and have the block for the second one glued up, but I need to be able to secure them to something and flip them 360 degrees for all-around access.  I'm also carving some art nouveau panels, but those are for me and not time sensitive.”

“I found your vise by doing an Internet search.  It appears to be beefier than the little vises, which wouldn't help me at all, and it's in my price range.  I don't think I could get away with passing on the cost of a $400-$500 vise to my customer.  I'm not sure of all the sites on the Internet that recommended your vise, but they were sufficient in number to convince me to contact you.”

“I'm heading to the bank now to deposit $200 so I can order through PayPal.  As soon as the bank acknowledges my deposit, I'll order.  I'd like to have the vise as soon as possible.”

Autumn Doucet, Wenatchee, Washington

“I would like to purchase one of your carving ball vise.”

David Frederick, Violin Maker
St. Louis, Missouri

“Hi, this is Tegan at Woodcarving magazine in the UK.  We would like to feature the Eli Woodcarver's Vise in the magazine.”

Tegan Foley
Senior Deputy Editor – Woodworking titles
Deputy Editor – Woodturning Magazine
Web Editor – Woodworkers Institute
East Sussex, England

“Earlier this month I ordered one of your vises.  It works great; in fact better than I expected.  Whoever engineered it knew what they were doing.  I have a need to move between two different carving areas and it's a pain to keep moving the base which I have bolted to a bench.  I was wondering what it would cost to buy just the base and clamp part (without the two balls) so I could have two bases and not have to keep moving the base that I have.”

Ron Pacanowski, Yardley, PA

“Hi, Nancy just received my new vise and its fantastic.  Very impressive design and build quality can't wait to get going with it.  I'll be fixing it to my work bench tomorrow as I've got to work all day today unfortunately, but I need to pay for these nice things somehow!  Thank you very much again for a brilliant product.”

Andy, Worsley, Manchester, United Kingdom

“From my research your vise is the best I can find so you should be proud of yourself!   I'm actually going to use your vise for violin making.  I have been looking for a quality ball joint vise for a while and i am going to make a bracket for a small holder I have to hold the maple and spruce blokes we use.  Thank you for including the washers in my order I really appreciate it Nancy.”

Tom De Ridder, western Australia

“Received the vise and installed it.   It met all of my expectations.  When I graduated high school in 1963 with four years of machine shop under my belt, I fully expected to go into that profession.  As life takes its twists and turns, I became a carpenter, but have always loved machinery and tools.  I've worked with my hands all my life.  I feel that this vise is a quality piece of machinery.  It is something I can definitely pass on to my grandchildren..”

Thank you again for making such an excellent product.
Frank Carlomagno, Fort McCoy, Florida

“I found you vise through an internet search of carving vises.  After comparing several of the adjustable and ball style vises out there and reading internet feedback I think your vice is high quality and fits my needs for decoy carving the best.  Just wanted to get back to you to let you know I love the vise.  Works perfectly!  I honestly don't know how I got along without it before.”

Corey Hansen, Atwater, MN

Little House Woodcarving


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