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Little House WoodcarvingLittle House WoodcarvingLittle House WoodcarvingLittle House Woodcarving"Little House WoodcarvingLittle House Woodcarving

We feature the Eli woodcarvers holding vise.  The Eli vise is a very versatile woodcarvers tool which will hold small and large sculptures freeing both hands for use of the carving gouge.  It can be rotated 360 degrees and backwards and forwards.  The vise is zinc plated steel making it strong, durable and rust resistant but still light enough to be portable.There are two mounting bases for your carvings.  By mounting a piece of plyboard on the large base, you can easily do a relief carving tipped at just the right angle so you can sit or stand to carve your masterpiece.

Beautiful handcrafted woodcarvings and chainsaw carvings for your home, office or garden.  Learn about our Eli woodcarvers holding vise. Tips and tricks to make carving easier.  Visit us today.  Do you want a hand carved mantle for your fireplace?  We have some beautiful mantles carved in the old European style with all the swirls.  The wood is butternut, which is from the walnut family.  The mantles have a raised medallion in the center.  Would you like to decorate your home with hand crafted woodcarvings?  Wouldn't a bear or wolves go well in that den?  Or maybe you are a horse lover.  We have those, too.

To enhance our knowledge of woodcarving, we went to Geisler Moroder School of Woodcarving in Tyrol, Austria in 2006 and again in 2008.  There we received special instruction in woodcarving from masters of the art.  There were also special painting classes which we attended that enable us to put a fine finish on completed carvings.

Are you interested in carving classes?  Would you like to learn the age old art of woodcarving?  We willl have beginners classes.  Are you a seasoned carver?  We will have advanced classes.  Nancy will teach some of the classes.  Nancy has taught extensively in Minnesota and North Dakota and has started teaching in Oregon.  Some of the instructors Little House Woodcarving hosted in Minnesota were Jeff Phares, Illinois; Marty Dolphins, Nebraska; Darold Bailey, South Dakota; Dick Skauge, Minnesota and many more.  Come join us in our carving adventure.

Little House Woodcarving started in a little 12 foot by 30 foot house in mid Minnesota in 1997.  It has since moved to Oregon and continues to feature many types and sizes of woodcarvings from very small to standing sculptures.

Little House WoodcarvingLittle House Woodcarving